Hi, I am Danish <Creative Analyst>

2-min portfolio video

How I help my clients?

I help my clients in achieving their goals by using unconventional and creative methods.

First I identify the goals, and then create a process for getting the desired results.

It can be increasing traffic on your website, creating awareness of your brand, generating leads, having more views on your videos… The imagination is limit-less.


Online video course creation

From an idea to publishing your course on a learning management system website, where students can watch the course and learn. Also with payment service implementation.


Over the years I have worked on different video editing and production projects ranging from personal branding videos to cinematic videos.

Reach out to discuss your project.

YouTube/Social Media Growth

By careful insight and engaging content creation strategy, I will help your social media grow rapidly. 100% organic reach!


Currently, I am open for both hourly based or fixed price job. I prefer fixed price, but if requirements are unclear, or it's an ongoing project, then hourly rates are much better.

Hourly Rates - flat rate of 35USD per hour.

Get in touch for availability

Payment schedule: bi-weekly or per-day

Fixed Price - Get in touch for proposal.

For quoting a fixed price job, we need to be clear on deliverables and deadline.

Payment schedule: 20% Advance - 80% milestone based.

Get in touch:

Email: danish.dk4k@gmail.com

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